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FRP Grating Molded
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23 Mar 2020
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Grating Pultruded

Fiberglass Grating Pultruded reinforced plastic lattice (also known as FRP lattice, reinforced plastic grating glass or fiberglass lattice) is a composite material manufactured by combining resin matrix and fiberglass. Fiberglass lattice does not corrode like a steel lattice and is therefore used in corrosive environments to reduce maintenance costs. Like the Iron Grating Plate, these products are used in a variety of applications including sidewalks and overhead platforms. FRP lattice is a structural product that can withstand loads between spans.

We produce various types of structural profiles FRP / GRP such as ducts, square hollow parts, angle bars, flat bars, round sticks, etc. to meet market demand. FRP structural profiles can be used for handrail fabrication, CAT ladders, simple platforms, cooling tower support structures, lattice support structures such as angled iron, etc. Available in ISO, ISO FR and Vinylester resin systems for different applications.

SeriesGrating Thickness (mm)Standard Panel Sizes
OLine PG-2500                        25            900w x 5850L
OLine PG-4000                        40

            900w x 5850L

OLine PG-5000                        50

            900w x 5850L



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