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OLine Cable Tray
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17 Mar 2020
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Cable Tray
Cable Tray is the equipment used for electrical wires and electronic cables to be safe and look neat. Typical cable tray types used in the field are type C (STC) and type U (STU). In addition, we may have other types of cable tray but there is usually a special request for the cable tray supplier.

We produce various types of structural profiles FRP / GRP such as ducts, square hollow parts, angle bars, flat bars, round sticks, etc. to meet market demand. FRP structural profile can be used for fabrication of handles, CAT ladder, simple platforms, cooling tower supporting structures, lattice support structures such as iron elbows, etc. Available in ISO, ISO FR and Vinylester resin systems for various applications.

Available Size (mm):

Straight Cable Tray (width): 50mm; 100mm; 200mm; 300mm

In addition to the Straight Cable Tray Type also available:
- 90O Horizontal Elbow Tray
- Horizontal Equal Tee
- 90O Inside Vertical Elbow Tray
- 90O Outside Vertical Elbow Tray
- Right Hand Side Reducer Tray
- Left Hand Side Reducer Tray

Color: Light Gray


- Durable

- Strong

- Lightweight (ease of Installation and Delivery)

- Anti-rust

- Anti Chemicals

Suitable for industries such as:
- Food and beverage industry
- Paper and wood pulp industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Vehicle and aeronautical construction
- Synthetic and rubber industry
- Offshore plants
- Plants for drinking and waste water conditioning
- Naval and shipyards
- Transportation

For pricing questions and more please contact us, via this link or can contact WhatsApp + 62 8119918448

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